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Doing Nothing is Not An Option of Our Life

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Served Over 280 Spinally Injured Person (SIP) in 10 counties


The dire need of the organization is to operate the TCF Recreational Therapy Program (RTP) as scheduled and simultaneously replicate the services across the country.

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“Volunteers do not necessarily have the time, they have the heart” Elizabeth Andrew.
We have never seen our friends more eager to get up when a volunteer comes in and wants to play games

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Who Are We

We are a Hub of Hope for Spinally Injured Persons (SIPs) in Kenya. To this end, The Cluster Foundation (TCF) was established in 2008 with the objective of restoring hope and rekindling zest in the lives of SIPs; through dynamic engagement in TCF’s Recreational Therapy Approach and Experiences, explicitly designed to rally SIPs back into the mainstream of society.

Research reveals a little-known fact that a vast majority of SIPs suffer two sets of traumas upon sustaining a spinal injury; loss of limb and loss of independence. SIPs not only bear the brunt of the physical aspects of their condition; they wrestle with unforeseen emotional and psychological anguish; a cruel souvenir of their accident. While the scientific world has made commendable inroads in the realm of SIPs’ physical recovery, efforts toward mitigating or managing the invisible trauma on their well-being leave much to be desired.


To promote the well-being of Spinally Injured Persons in Kenya by changing their self-perception and that of the society through the delivery of services that build confidence and independence, and to proffer a supportive network in order to create a fully inclusive environment.


A world where people with a spinal cord injury can realize their full potential. We envision a world where everybody, regardless of their physical conditions, can be given a platform to showcase their abilities, and as the need arises, gain the chance to learn and express their ideas, ambitions and desires.


Innovation; Invention; Commitment; Fun.

We believe TCF’s tailored approach and experiences are critical for instilling a sense of self-worth and self-efficacy in SIPs. And ultimately, revitalize their dignity, autonomy and pride. It is this belief, as well as our big picture to be the Hub of Hope for all SIPs in Kenya that sustain our laser-like commitment. TCF intends to take a step for those who can’t and spur a movement of like-minded partners.

Maybe then, bonded by the nobility of this cause, we could proffer a supportive network where these beautiful men and women may yet find the will to hold on to their dreams; to smell the roses as they bleed from the thorns, and venture back into the world of possibilities waiting beyond their doorstep. .


TCF’s goal is to identify how a Spinally Injured Person can lead a quality life by boosting their coping abilities. This will reduce the state of hopelessness in every SIP stuck in their homes hence curb the fatality rate after discharge.

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