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The Cluster Foundation (TCF)

The Cluster Foundation (TCF) is a not-for-profit organization that inspires people with Spinal Cord Injury (SCI) to find hope and to change their self-perception, and that of the society, through delivering services that build their confidence and independence into seeing the possibilities of leading an active successful life beyond their fears or barriers. Established in Kenya in 2008, TCF programs have grown into catalysts of hope for SCI persons, and continues to ‘rally them out of their homes’.

Our services address barriers facing people with SCI by creating opportunities for learning, for social, recreational and cultural engagement, and for employment.


WE Are A

Catalyst of Hope!

Our History

The Cluster Foundation (TCF), evolved from the experience of two people, Nick and Njoki, who came together as Corporate Motivational Trainers and Outdoor Excursion Trainers and came up with a program for a mutual friend with a spinal cord injury acquired from a motor vehicle accident and had been home for 22 years without a social life. Volunteering social and physical support to their friend for 2 years, amazing changes were noted; just to mention a few, his speech picked up tremendously; fear of getting out of the gate which gradually wore off and was replaced with an intense interest and desire of travelling, being out there, arousing their interest in the fate of similar cases.

Nick & Njoki embarked on a discovery journey to find out how others sharing the same condition as their friend led their lives post-discharge from hospitals. They discovered that these people were stuck in their homes, “missing” in society, afraid to re-emerge in their new conditions, believing they “can’t” do this or that.

They also discovered that after fabulous professional work on people with paralysis (pwps) at the hospital, once home, the families were unable to cope with management due to costs, beliefs (social & cultural), fear/low confidence, ignorance and bust work schedules. The pwps also face different challenges: the fear of going home, facing the public in their new condition, fear of the unknown, limited access to mobility, services, comfortable lifestyle, accessories, and so on.

Research on similar cases revealed:

  • No follow-up after discharge from the hospital.
  • No social service or support group to facilitate the social integration of SCI victims.
  • 99%people with SCI are unable to return to previous active work, social, and even family life after discharge from the hospital.
  • 99% of people with SCI lose self-confidence, experience depression, and go into seclusion after discharge from the hospital.
  • 80% die within 5 years after discharge from the hospital.
  • 1,500 people are acquiring injury every month.

Over the past 10 years, the number of persons with paralysis living in Kenya has risen tremendously. There are more than 700,000 Kenyans who have sustained a spinal cord injury and approximately 200,000 people who live with a form of paralysis in Kenya today.

The Cluster Foundation stands on the strength of its two pillars: Partnership and Networking, which ensure sustainability and replication.

Its maiden chapter is based in Kenya’s capital, Nairobi; its model shall gradually be rolled out to the remaining 46 counties, beginning with Nyeri where we have already identified 19 people with SCI who are waiting with bated breath. 

There has been increased involvement from the public, with TCF’s objective of rallying people with spinal cord injuries out of their homes back into the mainstream of our societies.

In 2016, TCF launched its very existence, to expand its wings, establish its secretariat & fully fledged office, own its fleet of transport for administration, newspaper runs & modified vans for PWPs, embrace its volunteers, and burst forth. The newspaper project has only upheld the existing TCF programs running 9 months in a year without a secretariat, yet it must grow in response to this increasing demand.

TCF requires ample financial support to conduct the entire operation, especially transport, without interruption.

Our Mission

To promote the well-being of people with paralysis by changing their self-perception and that of the society through delivering services that build confidence and independence and offer a supportive network in order to create a fully inclusive environment.

Our Vision

A world where people with a spinal cord injury can realize their full potential.

Core Values


You Can Be A Part Of Us

The Cluster Foundation (TCF) is a not-for-profit organization that inspires people with Spinal Cord Injury (SCIPs) to find hope and to change their self-perception.

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