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"TCF is a Hub Of Hope for Spinally Injured Person and “Once you choose hope, anything’s possible." -TCF’s Spine

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“Where you are now is not where you will always be. Just keep on trying, and know that tomorrow really is a new day.” – Jen Goodwin

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"A blur that’s what it feels like at first until Hope is restored." TCF - Fred Kinuthia


If you've already participated in a TCF event such as I Can Experience (ICE), you KNOW that lives are transformed. And you know these events are free. Can you help us out by doing a peer-to-peer fundraiser? By sharing on your Facebook, email, Twitter, and LinkedIn. It's so easy – and it will make such a difference. Thank you!

We invite financial donations, donations in kind, voluntary services and sponsorships to allow TCF to achieve its objective and actualize its bigger picture. TCF being the only organization using Recreational Therapy as an approach to improve the quality of life of Spinally Injured Persons in Kenya our bigger picture is to become the Hub of Hope for SIPs in every County and our East African Region.

Served Over 280 Spinally Injured Person (SIP) in 10 counties


The dire need of the organization is to operate the TCF Recreational Therapy Program (RTP) as scheduled and simultaneously replicate the services across the country.

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“Volunteers do not necessarily have the time, they have the heart” Elizabeth Andrew.
We have never seen our friends more eager to get up when a volunteer comes in and wants to play games

Be A Volunteer

Tour support will grant us the means to Inspire SIPs back into our society as well as revolutionizing our socierties approach to disability. Through your support, we will be empowered to replicate Recreational Therapy Programs (RTP) in Nairobi to TCF satellite Counties. TCF has its operational needs categorized in four broad areas:

TCF Newspapers donations – For local donations we also collect used newspapers that are sold to recyclers is an extension of generating revenue for TCF.

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Horse riding

Equine Therapy at Hardy Stud.

ICE Skating

The Thrill of Skating Panari Hotel


Our Train travelling Experience with Kenya Railways - SGR.


Our Train travelling Experience with Kenya Railways - SGR.

Swimming activity

Excitement of swimming lestons.

Outdoor Activity

Experiencing a 5 star hotel at Sarova Hotel Whitesands.


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