ICE ( I CAN Experience )

The name speaks for itself. The ICE program trains SIPs to believe they can. How? By exposing them to engagements that are erroneously perceived as exclusive services for physically fit, well-adjusted individuals. For the most part, this false perception stems from a lack of awareness on how to include people with disabilities into such services.

For that reason, TCF is lobbying for the inclusion of SIPs by working with service providers to actualize a sustainable solution. In so doing, TCF is helping resolve the problem of limited access to utilities and services. In addition, TCF is inspiring SIPs to overcome their fear of the unknown by engaging in activities they thought to be impossible for someone with a spinal injury. And thus, ‘rallying SIPs out of their homes back into the mainstream of society’ by training them on how to harness their resources, activities and social events within their environments to use what they have to get what they want.