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TCF’s Recreational Therapy Approach gives birth to a set of programs, also known as Experiences. At the core of these Recreational Therapy Programs are engagements preordained to allay stress and depression, foster confidence and nurture positive coping mechanisms in SIPs. Further, these programs are instructed by research findings on SIPs. As a result of these engagements, TCF envisions SIPs who are better placed to reconnect with their lives with restored dignity and confidence in their capabilities.

TCF’s Recreational Therapy Programs engage SIPs on monthly experiences that include:

  • Sports - wheelchair basketball, horse riding, ice skating, swimming and more.
  • Entertainment - enjoying a 3D movie experience, watching a play in theaters and so on.
  • Excursions - a holiday experience at the coast, safaris, a night out in the wild under tents, travel via trains and planes, and more.
  • Life style skills - driving lessons, expert-moderated sessions, motivational talks and workshops, as well as peer and family support programs.

ICE ( I CAN Experience )

The ICE Program trains SIPs on changing their self-perception by engaging them in fun but challenging activities.

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ROPE (Reaching Out Post-Injury Experience)

ROPE is an outreach and follow-up program that seeks to provide social support not only to SIPs, but to the friends and family charged with the duty of taking care of the SIP.

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COTE (Couples Out To Experience)

COTE is a program tailored for couples typified by a partner who is a SIP. COTE intends to engage with couples and seeks to provide guidance as to how to sustain a successful relationship despite its unique challenges.

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DATE (Disability Accessibility Training Experience)

The DATE program consists of training courses designed to enable organizations in the society to take a holistic approach in improving access to utilities and services for SIPs.

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