ROPE (Reaching Out Post-Injury Experience)

Although a spinal injury is undoubtedly most devastating for the person living with the injury, it’s also an emotionally harrowing ordeal for a close friend or a family member charged with the responsibility of taking care of the SIP. Watching a loved one held hostage by suffering and their quality of life at the mercy of a pocket-troubling medical world; this can reciprocate a feeling of utter helplessness. For that reason, TCF not only wants to augment the SIPs support system, we have developed a program intended to accomplish this goal.

ROPE is an outreach program that supports a SIP’s support system. At its core, ROPE aims to influence the caregivers at home to be at par as TCF’s caregivers. We understand that by virtue of love, you want to be there for your loved one in every way possible; whenever and however they need. However, this would necessitate extensive physical and emotional support post-injury.

And that is where we come in. TCF leverages its network of partners and community developers (volunteers/caregivers) to assist a SIP caregiver to create an environment of love, care and trust during their recovery. The exposure and enlightenment acquired as a result of the ROPE program helps potentially guarantee that the environments in which the TCF beneficiaries (SIPs) live in are physically, socially and emotionally nourishing. ROPE also seeks to exterminate some of the stereotypes that are a product of archaic cultures and beliefs that stigmatize people with disability.