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COTE ( Couples Out To Experience)

The purpose of these activities is to expose beneficiaries to things they CAN do and how they can do them.

COTE (Couples Out To Experience)

COTE is a two-way TCF Program based on an annual TCF Couple’s Experience:

  1. In-house for TCF couples afflicted by paralysis
  2. Out-house for TCF Partners who engage with marriage and family throughout the year.

COTE in-house is also TCF’s channel of: 

  • influencing mending the relationship between the SIP and the spouse
  • raising TCF awareness
  • raising TCF funds
  • organizing the annual 1-werk FUN excursion for TCF SIPs and spouse 

COTE Out-house is the platform for the continuous nourishment of marriages within the family’s social engagements.

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