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ICE (I Can Experience)

The purpose of these activities is to expose beneficiaries to things they CAN do and how they can do them; ICE happens once every month.

ICE(I Can Experience)

ICE happens the 2nd week of every month and alternates between Wednesday and Saturday; meaning Wednesday this month, Saturday next month, Wednesday the following month, and Saturday the next  so as to include those not available on weekdays or weekends.

ICE is the activity that enables SIPs to learn something new or learn how to do something old  in a new way. 

ICE includes activities linked with sports, entertainment, leisure, and excursions.  

ICE happens concurrently regionally.

Then once a year TCF organizes one huge ICE and brings together all the TCF Chapters.

A territorial ICE is organized within the week by each TCF Head of Cluster (HoC)

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