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ROPE (Reaching Out Post-injury Experience)

The purpose of these activities is to expose beneficiaries to things they CAN do and how they can do them.

ROPE (Reaching Out Post-injury Experience)

ROPE  heavily engages TCF Volunteers to:

  1. “Adopt” 2 SIPs
  2. Visit them both AT HOME at least once every 3 months
  3. Every visit the TCF Volunteers MUST BE at least TWO, preferably 1 male, 1 female

The purpose of these visits is to establish the living conditions of the SIPs: physical (*accessibility, comfort), emotional, socio-economic, personal, psychological, and so on.

During ROPE, Volunteers  look out for necessary changes, identify the needs of SIPs in their personal space, help the SIP’s family cope or rest and every thing that may cause discomfort .

ROPE’s core responsibility to TCF is relational, setting boundaries, advocacy and others directly concerning SIPs.

ROPE has its first offshoot:

SIPs Exchange Program Experience

It basically means SIPs visiting each other, even for short or longer stays both locally and internationally.

How You Can Be Involved

Giving SIPs the dignity and visibility they so richly deserve



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